21 February 2008

Not an Excuse, but a Reason

No posts in a while because we've been looking for a house, and our offer was just accepted on the one above. Still in Falmouth, which is great. The previous owner had at least four bird feeders, so I'm hoping it's a birdy yard! I've only gotten out birding a few times since the last post, hopefully I can post a recap, but on most of my days off I was either house-hunting or it was raining raining raining.

P.S. I honestly wasn't looking for a house with feeders, that was just a happy accident! I really had to turn off the birder in me whenever we were looking at houses. It was easy enough since our buyer agent's office was surprisingly birdy, so in the walk from the car to the office I'd rattle off four or five birds real quick and that would last me a few hours. Birding isn't a hobby it's an addiction!

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